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Our Featured Program for Primary (I-V):

  • CBSE syllabus: Our Comprehensive primary school curriculum is designed with play way methodology and child-centred approach.
  • Activity-based learning:¬†Various Activities to promote sensory and motor skills.
  • Learn by Experimenting: Children are provided environmental awareness through learning by experience methodology.
  • Discover the fun in Learning: Students are involved in group activities to make learning activity of exploration.
  • Fine Arts: Fine Arts made as a part of the curriculum to encourage aesthetic appreciation.
  • Learn through Competition:¬†Competitions conducted in academic and extra-curricular activities enable the students to test their practice and perfection in the subjects taught.
  • Practical Learning: Skills of narration in storytelling and poetry recitation, role-plays and dramatics inculcate among the students the spirit of integrity and winning spree.
  • The project works and Field trips: Project works and field trips are meant to stimulate Scientific enquiry and intellectual curiosity. Field trips are conducted for the students periodically to make them eco-friendly and learn social customs and behaviour naturally.
  • Evaluation Process: Evaluating process is implemented on a day-to-day basis. They are encouraged to prepare exhibits and to execute projects to create scientific fervor among them.