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Our Featured Program for High School (VI-X):

  • Our Vision: To be a world-class school that provides best of education in the formative years by blending culture and spiritualism and using modern technological tools, taught by highly qualified faculty to deliver best citizens of the world.
  • Our Mission: To achieve our vision in an environment of love, kindness & discipline with our students, parents & educational system.
  • The Charter :
    • Our Faculty Members are enthusiastic professionals and ideals who inspire our children and nurture them to achieve excellence.
    • Our students are educated to achieve leadership skills, confidence and self-esteem.
    • Our Amenities are active, current, hygienic, green and secure.
  • Competitive Exams: With the aim of promoting English, Science & Mathematics, our school has been encouraging children to take up the
    • SOF Olympiad – IGKO, IEO, IMO, NSO
    • Spell Bee International
    • NTSE